Why established NAYA?

NAYA was established in 2013 with the primary aim of facilitating the resettlement of new youth and fostering their integration into the community. The organization offers various opportunities to the youth, including soccer tournaments, educational and cultural lectures, and soccer skills training programs. These initiatives are designed to keep the youth engaged, active, and integrated into society.

Notably, NAYA is an inclusive organization, catering not only to a specific group but also reaching out to all new American youth who have recently resettled in Vermont and started their lives in America. The organization is dedicated to promoting self-sufficiency among the youth, as well as other individuals, youth families, and low-income families. NAYA’s commitment extends to providing support to the youth and their respective families, aiming to bridge the gap for these minorities.

With a focus on meeting the diverse needs and demands of the youth, NAYA offers a comprehensive range of workshops and classes. Through these efforts, the organization strives to create a positive impact and foster a sense of belonging and opportunity for the new American youth in Vermont.