The New American Youth Advocate was established in 2013 with a goal of facilitating the new youth resettlement and integrating the youth into the community.  The NAYA youth organization provides to the youth many things such as soccer tournaments, educational and cultural lectures and soccer skills training programs in an effort to make the youth stay fit, busy, and integrate the youth into the society.

NAYA organization doesn’t only provide these opportunities to a particular group, but it is inclusive. Our programs also reach to all other new American youth who recently resettled in the state of Vermont and started their new lives in America. In fact, in order to promote self-sufficiency within the youth and other individuals and youth families and low-income youth families. NAYA is committed to helping the youth and their respective families. NAYA organization is focused on these goals in order to bridge the gap for these minorities and to provide a full range of workshops and classes to meet the youth needs and demands.